June 19, 2024

Breaking News: Texans close in on signing $71.5million best defensive player in the country

Patrick Peterson, a free agent, is facing a turning point in his career. When he was chosen with the fifth overall choice in the 2011 NFL Draft, the LSU product was regarded as one of the sport’s top cornerbacks. Peterson was selected to eight consecutive Pro Bowl teams between 2011 and 2018 and was named to the First Team All-Pro three times. Regretfully, 2011 seems like a long time ago, and the veteran is beginning to show signs of aging.

The Pittsburgh Steelers offered free agency Patrick Peterson a two-year contract last year, but he only played for the team for one season. Although he started the season as a cornerback, the seasoned player eventually moved to safety.

.. The likely Hall of Famer says he wants to remain at cornerback in 2024, but it’s possible he’ll need to take on a hybrid role. According to a recent Bleacher Report piece, Peterson is an ideal fit for the Houston Texans given his current skill set.

Patrick Peterson would serve as both Jeff and C.J. Henderson’s insurance policy.

Houston Texans Linked To Free Agent Patrick Peterson

Although switching positions on the fly is difficult, such transitions have occurred before. The most well-known example is Charles Woodson, the Hall of Famer who moved to safety and added a couple more years to his career. The position of safety can tolerate players who are a step slower and not nearly as quick on their feet, but cornerbacks must possess exceptional quickness and the ability to change directions. Although Patrick Peterson, a free agent, should accept a dual role as he ages, he can still play cornerback at a decent level.

Not alone in their need for a free agent such as Patrick Peterson, the Texans are all in. Good defensive backs are hard to come by, so Peterson ought to draw some attention as a safety, cornerback, or combination of the two.

Additional Possible Locations

Kansas City

L’Jarius Sneed has not yet been adequately replaced by the Kansas City Chiefs. Maybe they think Joshua Williams can handle the extra accountability of a full-time position, but it would be wise to add a seasoned free agent like Patrick Peterson as a backup. Peterson can fill in as a cornerback if Williams isn’t prepared for a full-time position. He can patrol the deep area of the field as a safety and utilize cunning to deter deep shots across the middle.

Carolina Panthers

Another seasoned defensive back is what the Carolina Panthers desire. Early attention was centered on Stephon Gilmore, but a deal could not be reached between the two parties. Later in the offseason, they might still talk, but Carolina might change course and target Patrick Peterson as a free agent.

The defensive back won’t need to be the top cornerback with Jaycee Horn healthy and could find a home as a versatile chess piece for this unit.

Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders had the worst secondary in football last year. While the team has invested in the defense, this team could still use more playmakers for this underwhelming unit. Whether it’s safety or cornerback, free agent Patrick Peterson should be able to carve out a role for this underwhelming defense.

New Orleans Saints

Marshon Lattimore and Kool-Aid McKinstry, a second-round selection, are two dependable cornerbacks for the Saints. But they don’t have a solid backup that can go up against Tyrann Mathieu. Patrick Peterson’s hopes of becoming a cornerback will have to wait when he signs with the Saints, but the undrafted player is a great fit for the open safety spot. At this stage of his career, Mathieu would be better served in a box safety role, and Peterson is more than competent of covering the deep half of the field.



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