April 23, 2024

Lawson Luckie is prepared to seize the chance that is before him.

Lawson Luckie, Georgia, Tight End

There are many shoes on the Georgia roster that need to be filled, but none bigger than the ones left by Brock Bowers. The two-time All-American, who set all of Georgia’s tight end records after catching the game-winning touchdown pass in Georgia’s 2021 national championship victory over Alabama, is probably going to be selected in the top-10 of the next NFL Draft. There are many strong candidates for the Bulldogs to take that spot. After serving as Bowers’ wingman in the previous season, Oscar Delp is returning for his junior year. Two of the best prep tight ends in the 2024 class are on campus: Colton Heinrich and Jaden Reddell.

But Lawson Luckie, a sophomore, is the most interesting player. Luckie is the most explosive player in the group at 6’3 and 240 pounds, and he might make significant progress in year two.

“Brock [Bowers] is just someone you never turn on or off when you’re around him. In an episode of the Players Lounge featuring former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray, Luckie stated, “He’s always [even].” “You know, he always delivers. Furthermore, it’s nice to see someone who always gives you their best effort, regardless of how they’re feeling.” Although it will be difficult to match Brock Bowers’ output [40 starts, 2,538 receiving yards, and 31 touchdowns], Luckie believes that no tight end in the room will be able to handle the pressure of the moment.

Nothing is pressed upon. Nobody seems to be expecting us to show there and act like Brock, in my opinion. That’s not feasible at all. Simply put, it feels nice to know that a standard has been set. We have a fantastic space coming up, and I can’t wait to see what it is capable of.” As for Luckie, he is aware of his strengths and areas for development so that he can seize the chance that is before him. “having patience and essentially just accepting the method. That’s one thing; I believe I would have progressed more if I had adopted the strategy much sooner. Simply put, everything they teach you on a daily basis is ingrained in your memory and is built upon;

not make the same mistake more than once. That’s when you really start to grow.”

“Last year, I didn’t play as much, and I could tell for a few games. I felt so light-hearted being outside. Therefore, I would like to be able to sit above 242.”

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