July 25, 2024

Just in: Texans Ready to Sign 5 Free Agents

The Houston Texans are in a fortunate position to go from being a “happy to be here” playoff challenger to a real contender for the Super Bowl thanks to their cap room and draft capital. It will be essential to support quarterback C.J. Stroud and provide him with a solid defense in order to compete with teams like the Baltimore Ravens, who were only more skilled than a Houston club that had performed above expectations. The Texans will have the chance to bring back some of their own success stories from 2023 before they make the big acquisitions that might win them the offseason or make them strong contenders for an AFC South title. Whom should they give priority to?

Jonathan Greenard, an edge rusher, is Houston’s top pending free agent and the player they should give the most priority.

As the team’s most effective pass rusher, Greenard led the group in quarterback hits (2022), sacks (12.5), and tackles for loss (15). Although star opponent Will Anderson Jr. outperforms him, he still fits the characteristics of a potent second edge rusher given his higher production than win-rate stats. Even at a valuable position, Greenard isn’t projected to blow the budget, and he locks up Houston with one of the better edge tandems in the league. Linebacker Blake Cashman is another player the Texans should consider extending at the second level of the defense. Although his past performance doesn’t indicate a huge salary is due, he was one of Houston’s stronger defenders, particularly as the season progressed.

Re-signing Cashman makes more sense than taking on a separate reclamation project or going big on a similarly uncertain thing because he is incredibly athletic and has already shown signs of development under head coach DeMeco Ryans. The Texans’ secondary gave up a fair share of explosive plays, but cornerback Steven Nelson was a reliable player and an important veteran presence. He set a career-high in interceptions (five) while settling into Ryans’ defense. The 31-year-old should sign a shorter-term deal to satisfy both parties, and he figures to make good on his price point as long as his athleticism doesn’t take a quick decline.

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Conversely, the league has shifted its focus away from high-paid backs. Running back Devin Singletary wasn’t going to be signed to some disastrous cap-space deal anyhow, and as the season went on, it became clear how well he fit into offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik’s offense. Even though his contract might not pay more than $5 million annually, the Texans might still look for an improvement. Even if it demotes Singletary, it makes sense to look for a bigger body or a more explosive runner this offseason. Singletary’s physique and athleticism don’t allow him to stand out, though, because of his technique. Going ahead, he ought to be a member of Houston’s committee.

Finally, it’s time for the Texans to consider raising receiver Noah Brown. On this list, this might be the most advantageous player-coach combination. Brown was maximized by Slowik, as he had consecutive games of 150 yards or more when other receivers were out.

He has a track record of being a potent run stopper and is versatile both inside and outside the field. Brown is near the top of the list when it comes to depth receivers. Fans should anticipate seeing Brown return to H-Town, assuming no team plans to give him meaningful starting reps.

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